Vintage Patchwork Leather Shoulder Bag w/ Wallet


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This patchwork leather handbag is made up of frog skin by artisans in Thailand. Item used to be owned by one of our team member's mother; ourselves experiencing the use it has received firsthand. The straps are detachable, so it can be carried as a clutch if one wishes to. The closure is a lockable clasp, the key within the pocket inside the bag. The leather is still in a beautiful, pristine condition. However, the piping has some signs of peeling that is noticeable once inspected very closely. There is a matching small wallet inside the bag donning the same pattern but in perfect condition. 

Origin: Thailand

Acquisition: Hand Me Down

Dimensions: H: 7 in L: 11.25 in W: 4 in

Item is guaranteed clean and sanitized.

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