Vintage Monet Enamel Clip-On Earrings


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These vintage Monet clip-on earrings are made to last decades of wear. Monet jewelries are triple plated to keep tarnishing at bay. The quality of these earrings are incredible, surpassing the rest of our collection. Owned by a team member's mother, this pair has been around for at least two decades, our team becoming personal witnesses of the love it has been through. It has received much affection, evident in barely noticeable scratches and the subtle discoloration of the enamel into a harmonious off-white color. 

edit: There is a minuscule peeling on the hardware, barely noticeable. 

Origin: Rhodes Island

Acquisition: Hand Me Down

Dimensions: H: 5 cm L: 3 cm

Item is guaranteed clean and sanitized.

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