Vintage Gucci Monogram Clutch


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This vintage Gucci clutch bag from the 80s prove to be a classic as Alessandro Michele brings back the aesthetic in it's current collections. Whether you're looking to keep up with trends, or to acquire a classic quality piece, this PVC leather monogram leather clutch prove that style truly transcends time. The hardware has the 'GG' logo of it's era and the logo inside is still intact. It looks quite masculine, but can easily be pulled off into a feminine ensemble. As it is more than two decades old, there is some signs of wear, subtle scratches here and there and some barely noticeable discoloration. And like every other vintage Gucci piece of this age, there is very minimal peeling in the interior. However it's nowhere near enough to raise concern, as it doesn't get messy at all.  

Origin: Italy

Acquisition: Auction

Dimensions: H: 6 in L: 9 in W: 2 in

Item is guaranteed clean and sanitized.