Vintage 1980s D'Orlan Signed Clip-On Earrings


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These vintage D'Orlan clip-on earrings may be an understated way to accesorize, and yet do so effectively. Estimated from the 1980s, this is a pair that is definitely timeless and may be something you'll reach for as years go by. Due to its age, there is discoloration and tarnishing noticeable ones paid special attention to, but the pair remains to be in good condition. Despite all that, they're an absolute beaut to be reckoned with. 

Made in Canada

Acquisition: Local

Dimensions: L: 2 cm W: 2 cm

Item is guaranteed clean and sanitized.

*comes with a remakethestore dust bag 

As most vintage and second-hand items go, please expect minor discolouration, tarnishing, and residue unless stated otherwise. Please note that dimensions and measurements do not reflect complete accuracy.