"Value what you own and own only what you value."

Timeless Vintage + Contemporary Classics

remakethestore is a second-hand select store that curates both vintage and contemporary pieces that go against trends and guarantee quality and style that will last wear and love for years to come. We carefully pick designs and silhouettes that fit the criteria of what we consider timeless classics.

Mission and Vision

We in remakethestore uses our platform to influence people to believe that things forgotten, and taken for granted has value. We aim to make people realize that value does not only rely on what one can see, but with what one can make use of it. We wish to eradicate the conception of things as easily disposable by circulating beautiful used pieces to homes and places where they will continuously receive the love and wear that they deserve. We in remakethestore believe that an individual should value what they own and own only what they will value, advocating a more conscious and thoughtful form of consumerism. In the future, we hope to be more than a second-hand store, but a home to brands, businesses and people who share the same value as we do.


We in remakethestore make it a point to thoughtfully source items wherever we may be. We have items sourced from Japan, Korea and Taiwan, or through consignments which are both our favorite means as we sometimes get to personally talk and encounter the previous owners of the items we have sourced. Some items that are sourced locally come from garage sales and very rarely from online listings for vintage items. We even accept hand-me-downs from our own parents' and grandparents' closets, and sometimes even family and friends', becoming personal witnesses of the love and wear some of our selections has received. How we acquire our items are disclosed in every product description. Items that do not make it into our store, gets to be sold during garage sales and in the local flea markets where we're from, making it a point to circulate everything in our inventory.

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